A brand doesn’t fully come alive until people make it their own.


Employer branding

We help define the story that attracts, motivates and engages employees. Through our research and cultural immersion we find the common values and shared drive that unite the brand, this is how we build internal activation campaign, employer websites and engagement sessions.

Brand growth sessions

Together with the team we innovate the brand and make new customers focussed products and experiences. In our creative lab we create concepts that grow the brand beyond your present market. 

Company gamification

We create rituals based on your core values that become the driving force of your teams motivation. By installing recurring events and happenings, we establish a culture of engagement to achieve your company’s mission together.

Quarterly sessions

Creating a brand focussed culture takes continues improvement. We align teams, do value focus sessions, set new goals for the brand and keep involved through the execution phase. 

Cultivate creativity

Creative teams solve problems better, produce things that have never been done before and are overall happier and more engaged. We do everything it takes help your company to harvest a culture where creativity thrives.


We love sharing our methodology and our enthusiasm for creativity and great ideas. That’s how we aim to inspire teams and audiences to become more brand oriented and to implement a creative mindset to grow their business.


We help your brand find its unique voice to connect with your audience.



music moves

Making awesome connections through music.

dutch founders fund

Making big things happen.


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