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Dutch Founders Fund

Making big things happen. 

A group of friends with a mountain of experience. Eric Veeneman (FlyFit), Hidde Hoogcarspel (Spacebus), Laurens Groenendijk (Treatwell, Just Eat), Bas Beerens (WeTransfer) and Patrick Kerssemakers (Fonq) decided to join forces and redefine the venture capital market. Because, how productive can a founder be if they have to explain themselves all the time? All being successful founders themselves their vision on helping companies grow is one of working together, aligning goals and helping each other to get ahead. No big ego’s, just big idea’s. Dutch Founders Fund needed a brand that showed this distinction and reflects their team spirit and experience.


Becoming a part of something big.

During the conversations and concept sessions we uncovered the real driving force behind this highly experienced group of people. Confidence. Above everything else they all recognize and trust each other’s unique qualities, that’s why they function like a professional basketball team. Their elemental and clear approach inspired a the modernistic brand we infused with experience and sportsmanship.

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Oprichters WeTransfer, Treatwell en Fonq starten nieuw investeringsfonds.
Reimagining the VC firm model with the soft launch of Dutch Founders Fund.


Clarity first.

We created a brand that expresses itself in a clear and minimalistic way, natural and modern, dynamic, lively and full of contrast. Simplicity means clarifying complex information and presenting it in a way that cuts to the point. Speaking in such a way as if you were face to face with a person, no unnecessary corporate constructions. This is integrated in the tone of voice, but also in the design elements. That’s what makes the brand direct, personal and easygoing.


Capturing the entrepreneurial spark.

This is a team with a story to tell. To align the photography with the brand we wanted the imagery to radiate authenticity and aspiration. We accomplished this by photographing the founders while they where talking about what ventures need to succes. We clicked away while we heard about brand, culture, data stories, new perspectives and thinking big.

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