Revolutionizing the way surgeons share knowledge.

Incision is revolutionizing the way surgeons learn new procedures. By combining 3d modeling, AR and sterioscopic filming they give all surgeons, even in the most remote places on earth, acces to cutting edge techniques. But how does a disruptive healthtech scale-up position itself in a world where safety and certainty are crucial? After our immersion process where we had many conversations and sessions with all of the team members and key partners we found that a trustworthy and proven approach combined with exploring new paths are the most important drivers behind Incision. In creating the brand we brought two worlds together. We united the traditional and the innovative by remembering that surgeons have always been on the forefront of medical exploration.


We have always been innovative.

It all started with that first incision. Cutting through the skin to discover what’s inside. Beyond common knowledge, beyond the visible, into new territory.

We use the same curiosity and courage our ancestors had. Cutting through knowledge hidden in individuals exposing experiences. From individual findings to structured collective knowledge.

Making that incision again, together.


Owning the narrative.

By incorporating every value of the brand in the visual style we managed to combine the traditional with innovation, the medical with a personal feel and the informative with a fresh and activating dynamic.


Digital but familiar.

The incision learning platform needed to be a place for surgeons to go back to. Something that feels organically theirs, something they can trust and something that navigates so naturally logical it’s the first place to start exploring new surgical knowledge.