Music Moves

Making awesome connections through music.

When people come together good things start to happen. When we were asked to create a concept to connect 600 students to vulnerable people in Amsterdam, we knew there was a great vision behind the project. We worked closely together with this energetic client and created a full brand with design experience to help them attract the volunteers needed to bring this project to life.


Stop! Motion time.

Please make us something that explains quickly what Music Moves is all about. So we did! We wanted to create something that suited the brand, something that’s energetic, connective, vibrant, colorful, inclusive, clear and informative but also festive and fun. We worked together with Stephan van den Brink and combined photo collage and animation to get just the right feel for this explainer video that played a big role in the content strategy.


Branding new perspectives.

While connecting with the team and during the concept session we got to hear the most wonderful stories about volunteering. When you help somebody else, you broaden your own perspectives and grow as a person. Volunteering is not just about helping people in need. It’s about connecting with people outside your own social circle and truly having a good time together. We combined these insights with the energetic elements of the music that unites everyone to create a brand that’s lively and fresh. We integrated this in the visual style by making it energetic, colorful and clear.



Social entrepreneurship is knowing where to spend your budgets. We kept the website clean and clear. A one-pager designed to present the concept and quickly activate volunteers to join.