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Recruit Now 

Working on growth.

While the war on talent is raging in the world of recruitment everyone is searching for new ways to reach people who aren’t even looking for new opportunities yet. Recruit Now had been developing recruitment tools for years, under different names. After an injection from Walvis Capital, it was our mission to help this product driven company develop into a distinctive brand.


Growth starts with a solid foundation.

During our immersion process we were inspired by the company’s no nonsense getting things done culture.“Everybody is saying they can do it, we already did it.” We captured this spirit into a complete brand experience. Growth is about working hard, no finery, just dedication. We looked for cultural references in architecture and arts to translate the decisive progressive and elemental approach of the team into visual characteristics that fit the essence of the brand.

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Creating a story that unites.

Speaking to two markets Recruit Now needed a story that fitted both audiences. Employers and employees. We looked for similar goals and values and found the common drivers to create one clear story that brought the brand together.

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