How to connect with people: 5 things brands can learn from human behavior

One of the strongest assets of humans is that they are able to connect with each other to get ahead. Brands who are willing to grow are looking to do the same: Making a connection with people who believe what the brand stands for. How do humans go about this connection? Here are five things brands can learn. 


Thing #1. Be authentic.
Both brands and humans can’t get away with being fake. Humans know that if something is not their thing, they shouldn’t pretent like it is. They know other people are smarter than that, they smell BS from a mile away. Brands should do what they’re good at, be authentic and keep it real. 

Thing #2. Be distinguished.
Humans do compare themselves to others but they don’t communicate it like that. Most of them get over that by the age of 9. After that they don’t act like they’re better than, stronger than or faster than another human out loud. So why would a brand display this childish behavior? To connect with people characteristic behavior is needed. If brands are focussing on what makes them awesome and distinguished makes more impact with their audience.

Thing #3. Stand for something! 
Humans have values, just like brands. In human communication values aren’t shared without any context. They share their opinions through stories and situations. Values are shown in natural behavior. Brand values are also connected to the opinions and experiences. To make a stronger connection with people, brands should communicate the stories around these opinions and experiences. This way people have context and are able to relate to the story your brand is telling.

To make a stronger connection with people, brands should communicate the stories around their opinions and experiences.

Thing #4. Trust is earned, not claimed. 
Humans who go around saying they value trustworthiness are usually mob bosses. Brands do this all the time. Like ‘thing #3’ trustworthiness can be a value but if humans say they are trustworthy without context it reaps distrust. Trust is earned by trustworthy behavior. If brands want to talk about trustworthiness they should tell stories about their trustworthy behavior. 

Thing #5. Be recognized.  
When humans dress, communicate and act a certain way, they connect with their likeminded peers. For brands to connect with people they need to do the same. To attract those who believe what the brand stands for this goes beyond setting a style, everything needs to fit the brand’s identity. When brands make sure their visual communication is aligned with their vision, people will recognize their own vision in that brand and they will have the urge to connect. 

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