Marketing science: Be distinctive

In this article Byron Sharps proves brand differentiation is not important to brands. People just don’t care because the fact something is different doesn’t give them a rational or emotional reason to buy the brand.

He shows it’s much more important to be unique and distinctive than to be different. But what is the difference and how can brands use this knowledge? To answer that we must look at what we’re doing when we’re trying to be different, or unique:

How can I be more different from my competitors? 

To answer this question you first need to think about your competitors. From there you create a concept of something that’s different than them. Then incorporate these elements in your own branding and you’re all set: you are different. 

How can I be more unique? 

Well, you can’t. You already are unique. Boo for the platitudes! Seriously though, instead of asking how can I be more unique ask ‘What makes me unique and how can I express that more’ or ‘What are my unique qualities and how can I talk about them?’ In answering these questions you find out how you become more distinctive. 

When a brand is constantly trying to be different, it’s very difficult to build consistency. These brands will never create a strong brand identity because they’re focussing on moving away from their competitors, instead of building their own distinctive brand.

Brands who are examining how to be more distinctive are becoming more authentic in the process. This is how character and consistency is build and those are crucial ingredients to truly connect with people for the long haul. 

In every aspect of your communication there are ways to make your brand more distinctive:

Brand Identity

Campaigns & Content

Print & Packaging

Web & App Design

The first step is to find out who you are and what you stand for. Reach me at to learn more, also for management brand sessions where we connect teams through brands.