Strategic branding is making sure everything you do is in line with your vision. Marketing Schmarketing aligns culture, design, communications and commercial strategies.


Our philosophy

It’s our mission to accelerate cultural change. We do this by giving form to your vision and grow your ideas. We create purposeful brands, built to become icons that define a culture. We interpret the zeitgeist and translate macro trends into relevant and meaningful brands positioned in an early majority market.


Our method

People relate to people. That’s why we make companies more human. It’s only when brands come to life and start creating their own culture, forming their own opinions and telling their own story they can start adding real value to their customers and the world they live in. All strategies we create follow a clear outline based in behavioral psychology; the logical levels of learning from Gregory Bateson. For every project we form teams of highly talented people that follow an agile routine with continuous creative and strategic direction.


Our name

The Schm- reduplication is generally used to indicate irony or skepticism about the discussed object. Marketing Schmarketing is an acknowledgement that branding is culture so it affects and is influenced by your entire team, not just the marketing department. Communication without a long term brand strategy is a missed opportunity to make more impact.


Our signature

In all our design, campaigns and communication our expressive values are clearly present. Everything we do is natural, refined and minimalistic with a contemporary feel. Natural means the design feels logically in line with the brand, it’s real and authentic. Refined means attention for detail with an appreciation for craftsmanship. Minimalistic means leaving out everything that’s unnecessary and still tell the same story, like a well prepared Italian dish. Contemporary means it has to be now, be relevant and have a certain fashion feel to it that makes the design interesting to experience.


We are always looking for creators and strategists who know how to translate a vision.


About the founders

Leroy Duivenvoorden and Vera Westenberg are a venture and brand design couple that create concepts that fit the zeitgeist. In everything they do their aim is to contribute to cultural change and create icons that define a generation. They are most valued for their ability to interpret a trend or a vision and translate that into a concept people can relate to. Besides strategic branding and positioning they worked in the fields of fashion, behavioral psychology and scale-up marketing both in Amsterdam and NYC.

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