“Today’s brands are designed to sell, but beyond that, they aim to engage and excite. They are inspired by the past, are very present, and forward-looking. Instead of targeting trends and consumers, today’s brands are designed to speak to people. Person - to - person.

Today’s brands are built by believers, those who remained steadfast in themselves and their missions even when the only other believers were their moms. And though today’s believers may be carried forward by a bit of naiveté, they are smart enough not to mistake small for the new big. While staying business-minded, today’s brands grow organically, rather than for growth’s sake, enabling entrepreneurs to remain true to their own values.”

The case studies show great storytelling in meaningful visual stories with text that gives insights in the background of the brands. Every spread has a distinctive and unique feel. The photos that are completely in line with the identity of the brand on display, which creates a book that inspires with every page flip.

This book translates everything we believe in: Communicate from the core, from values, from the thing you believe in, authentically. And show this in everything you do, starting with your visual identity.

When in need of 1.0 visual inspiration, Upstart! it is.

Not around the Stedelijk Museum these days? Buy it here: https://gestalten.com/products/upstart